Order to Chaos

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Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels.com

Trigger warning to liberals – you won’t like this, so just read something else, and be happy.


I like order in the world, and in my life. Part of this order is that I expect people to follow the rules of law, have integrity, and be polite. I think America would be a far, far better place if all kooky, irrational, illogical liberal ideas vanished. Liberals are apparently incapable of solid, logical, deductive thinking. Their brains seem to not see a normal photograph, but see an inverted negative of that picture and immediately form all their convoluted thinking based on their own false reality.   I also expect things (translate computers, internet mostly) to work as they are designed without inexplicable delays to load a file or web page especially when to the best of my knowledge nothing has changed since the last time I opened the file or the web page.

And therein lies much of my angst and anger.

Expectations that people will think rationally, speak politely, and act with integrity. And expectations that things will work instantly (after all electricity runs at the speed of light, why would my computer ever have any delays, right?)


There is always some sort of interference that seems to cause disorder. For example. . .

I sell furniture on a fast paced, high volume sales floor. One of the newest things is voice activated reclining furniture. In theory, one presses a button to tell the sofa which side you are sitting on, so it knows which commands to listen for, and then recline, adjust the headrest, or return back to original position. Simple right?

Well, the sofa, love seat, and recliner were place relatively close to an overhead speaker which is always playing music. This means that the sofa gets confused, and doesn’t always distinguish between voice commands and the noise from the overhead speaker.

And being humans, we found that a person sitting on the sofa can activate the voice commands of another person sitting on the love seat, since the voice recognition software doesn’t distinguish who is speaking to it! Oh yeah. . .we had fun with that!

Noise interference plus bad communication interference equals poor outcome.

And then there is Siri on my iPhone. Oh, how many times I’ve cussed this pitiful excuse for a data base out because it returned a ludicrous answer to my perfectly logical request. Yesterday, I asked Siri to give the locations of Massage Envy businesses, and it came up with two addresses of something completely different  both almost 1000 miles south of me. I had a perfect input, (from my logical organic brain) and it went into its limited data base and gave me a completely ridiculous output that was completely worthless. So, yes, yes I did cuss at my inanimate metal phone, knowing full well how ‘rational’ that act was .

I generally think that stereotypes do not exist in a vacuum. The differences between the thinking patterns and behaviors of different races are more than skin deep. Some races are much more logical than others.  Working with a cross section of the general public seems to bear this out quite well. I’ve observed that folks from Indian, or Oriental backgrounds seem to be much more analytical but have a seemingly little sense of time than say white folks. People from mid-eastern countries are generally very polite and grateful for help. By contrast, white folks can be highly arrogant, impatient, but generally are friendly, speak within cultural norms (they speak English and have a sense of time passing). Many black folks I’ve interacted with are seemingly there to be entertained, do not seem to understand basic math, generally try to have some ‘cover story’ that is not true. Hispanic folks are generally friendly, very tight with their own families, and either will or will not wish to interact with white, English speaking sales folks. So, I do filter out people based upon my experiences in order to not have interference in the input which will ultimately waste my time, and lead to a worthless result.

I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this, but growing up, I was taught that God created an orderly world, that there are moral absolutes, and civil absolutes for behaviors.

I see many civil absolutes crumbling. Just today, I read that a group of Hispanics attacked, ripped down both the American flag and the ICE flag at the ICE headquarters in Colorado. I see that many mayors are refusing to uphold the federal and state laws they swore to uphold by making their cities into so-called ‘sanctuary cities.’  This sort of behavior is certainly not law-abiding, and leads to crime and disorder all across our culture.

I feel very sad inside, and frustrated as I observe the minorities express and act on their very vocal and irrational beliefs which run contrary to the foundation and rule of law here in America. And it’s not just minorities doing this either. The liberal left media, the Democrats, for whatever reasons are totally supporting illegal actions, while condemning our conservative President for being the adult and instituting the rules of law. Yet, somehow folks that protect our society, are according to the liberal media, the bad guys.

People sneak in from shit hole countries, and spread their shit in our country, degrading our quality of living, while being supported by liberal politicians who want their votes.

We are losing order and headed toward increasing societal entropy because many people have no respect for order and rules of behavior. They just want what they want when they want it, on their own terms.

And that leads to chaos. Not control. We need to Get Smart.


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