It’s Sinful Rebellion to Create your Own Life, so Don’t Do That!

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I’ve been down a trail of writing about the life mental map that fundamentalism imprinted on my brain. Fundamentalism told me that their map was the only true map, and if I ever questioned it, I was essentially questioning the Authority of God in my life.

But Proverbs 25:2 says that “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.”

So it strikes me that we are all kings of our own domain (ie, our lives), and have every right to be curious, think things through and arrive at our own conclusions. We have brains to use! And as aside, I fervently wish that way more folks actually used theirs effectively!

So on one hand, I have a brain with the ability to observe, analyze, and arrive at conclusions. Yet fundamentalism taught me that their theology was TRUTH, and anything, including hard facts, that differed from their ‘exact view’ was Unbibilical.

Funny how that works because depending on the pastor,  using any  Bible version other than the AV 1611 King James means that I don’t really have God’s Word in my hand

Years ago, as I’ve written about, I was fired from my teaching job at a Christian school because heaven forbid, I was more concerned about teaching truthful facts to my students than upholding their particular theological viewpoint. Just think about that for a minute. A Christian High school fired me for essentially questioning their doctrinal beliefs over factual evidence while claiming to stand for and teach THE TRUTH!!

Well, the truth did set me free because now I am no longer living in a rule oriented, factually challenged spiritually abusive religious system. I am free from being beaten up by ‘Christians’, free from trying to twist my healthy brain to jump through logical fallacies, free from fear of threats of my life being shipwrecked, or going to hell, and free to imagine, and create my own life now!

Because another horrible, horrible mental map of fundamentalism is that I have no right to think or choose for myself. In fact, choosing to create my own life based on what I like, and am interested in, without seeking God’s will for me, is considered to be sinful. By this reasoning, it strikes me that purchasing any kind of insurance (life, home, health, and car) could easily be construed as not trusting God’s will for my life, but trying to circumvent God’s will for me. Because, maybe God actually planned for my house to burn down, make me homeless and utterly dependent upon His charitable handouts via the good will of other kind-hearted folks while God worked out the defects of my character. So trust God, give up your own personal power to create your own life.

I’ve been down this trail before with at least one earlier post, God Has a Plan for YOUR Life! Don’t you even THINK about Planning Your Own Life!  so I think I’ll just end this here.

Make it a great day!


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