The Journey Begins. . .

Hello and Welcome!

Let me give you a quick overview of what this blog is about.

I was raised as a Baptist Pastor’s Kid, a PK. I will be writing about my experiences, the emotional, mental, and social toll this has taken on my life.  It has taken me years to even realize that it was ‘okay’ to think for myself, research, and  question much of the theology I was taught. For me, fundamentalism was an all-consuming creeping noxious vine that entwined, choked out my normal childhood development, stole my personal identity, and pretty much destroyed my ability to choose a normal, successful life.

If you’ve ever watched the Olympic bobsled runs, those teams really have to run a preset course. Their only real options are how to best navigate that preset course to get the best times while making sure their sled doesn’t jump off the track. To me, fundamentalism is like that.

It is my intention to expose the lies, the spiritual abuse, the logical fallacies, the psychological damage this system inflicts upon those of us unfortunate enough to have been forced to live under it.

I write from my broken, lonely heart that is trying desperately to find the pieces it needs to recover, heal, survive, and ultimately thrive and start beating again with excitement and life.

I invite you to join me, post your comments and experiences!



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